About Us

Lovers of food

Operating out of our established cafe in Alexandria, Cafe 0.6 is making event hosting easier by offering a diverse range of catering options including grazing platters, small bites and delicious meals. From corporate events to small functions, our curated menus and customised options have got you covered.

We understand the importance of having a memorable dining experience to elevate any professional or social event. That’s why we make it a concerted effort to incorporate a range of cuisines, to generate unique and exciting menu items which can be customised according to your needs. 

In fact, our menu is on rotation every 3 months to ensure ongoing interest for repeat deliveries. For such important occasions, presentation also matters and Cafe 0.6 pays special attention to even the smallest of details – from the packaging, to the menus and to the food itself.

All orders are prepared and made as close to delivery time as possible to ensure high quality of food are served to your guests.

Order now or come visit us at 1a/11 Bowden Street, Alexandria to meet our team!